Hourly and daily office rental in the centre of Szeged


The purpose of our business centre is to provide a modern, well-equipped office environment for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, where everything is available for business continuation, negotiation, team meetings and customer reception. You can book our offices for 1 hour to 1 day or more if needed.


General services included in the rent:

✓Fully furnished offices with Secure WiFi access

✓Projector, flipchart (depending on office size)

✓ Reception

✓ Kitchen (fridge, microwave, kettle, tableware)

✓ Daily cleaning in common areas and offices

Additional services not included in the rent:

✓ Coffee, tea, mineral water

✓ Printing, photocopying at the reception




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✓ Modern and fully furnished private offices

✓ Flexible use (from 1 hour to 1 day or more)

✓ Ideal for one person (plus 2 clients)

✓ Area: 11-14 square meters


We provide 5 private offices, located in every level of the building.

✓ Ground floor: private office called Paris

✓ First floor: private office called London

✓ Second floor: private office called Istanbul

✓ Third floor: private offices called Barcelona and Munich.


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✓ Flexible use (from 1 hour to 1 day or more)

✓ For meetings and presentations

✓ For trainings or interviews

✓ TV/projector and whiteboards

✓ Customizable room layout

We provide 3 different meeting rooms:

✓ for 6 people (with only whiteboard)

✓ for 8 people (with TV and whiteboard)

✓ for 14 people with projector and flipchart.

This meeting room can be transformed into a 16 people training room if neccesary.



✓ Flexible use

(from 1 hour to 1 day or more)

✓ For trainings and presentations

✓ Built in projector and whiteboard

✓ Customizable room layout

✓ Suitable for 18 or 25 people

✓ Area: 40 square meters with tea kitchen

The lecture hall has 2 layout options:

✓ for 18 people with tables

✓ for 25 people with chairs (without tables)



You can indicate your office rental intention via e-mail (info@instantirodahaz.hu) , telephone (+36 70/623 3559) or on the online booking system (https://instantirodahaz.booked4.us/).

The online booking system always shows the current occupancy. With this online booking system you can easily book your chosen office at any time. Rooms must be booked at least 1 day prior to the selected date and can be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled date without any obligation.

You can check our prices here (http://instantirodahaz.hu/arak/ ). If you need more information about the offices or the rental procedure, please contact us!

If you are in a business trip in Szeged or you just want to work from a furnished office you found the right place!




6721 Szeged, Osztrovszky utca 13.
Internet: www.instantirodahaz.hu
E-mail: info@instantirodahaz.hu
Mobile: +36 70 623 3559

Opening hours:

Normal opening hours: on weekdays between 08:00-17:00.

Our office has flexible opening hours.
Weekend bookings and outside of the above mentioned period are subject to prior arrangement, and a surcharge may be charged to our normal prices.

Please note that all bookings are required in advance!


We hope to meet you soon!

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